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Brief Summary

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We are a traditional martial arts association that emphasizes personal, spiritual, mental & physical development. We leave sport competition to others. As  stated by many Okinawan martial artists including Hanshi Shoshin Nagamine, sport martial art is  "too shallow". Kata is the heart and soul of our martial art.  For those who practice sport competition that is a personal decision, as it is very easy to lose focus and power of technique and one must be careful not to lose the true meaning of karate and martial art. Thus we do not support any competition or tournament.


According to Hanshi Nagamine, "kata is the origin of karate". "If there is NO KATA, there is NO KARATE!"  Without kata, there is no longer martial art - instead it becomes nothing but primative street fighting! Shoshin Nagamine provides us with further insight into karate by stating "one must embrace a do mu gen proverb", "there can be no end to learning and that karate begins and ends with the study of kata".



In addition to kata, bunkai (applications) are a very important part of our curriculum. Each kata is dissected into a group of ippon kumite, which a student learns along with kata. As such, the student develops first-hand knowledge of applications and purpose of kata. We also emphasize power (focus) in all techniques and include kobudo (weapons) as an essential part of our Ryu (style) along with te (empty hand techniques).  All of our kobudo kata are also broken down into ippon kumite applications. To ensure that the martial arts practitioner of our style is well-rounded, jujutsu and other samurai arts are incorporated and taught in Seiyo Shorin-Ryu.


Soke Hausel offers affiliation with Seiyo no Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai for any Shotokan or Shorin-Ryu martial artist or club interested in training in traditional martial arts under a certified Soke. Those affiliating with our organization are requested to become active participants in Shorin-Ryu Karate and to spread the positive attributes of martial arts.  


Members of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu are taught philosophy, history and ethics of traditional martial arts. The arts are practiced to develop more self-confident and positive individuals. The dojo kun of the association includes several important precepts including "kara te ni sente nashi" - translation as "there is no first attack in karate". Philosophically, it means the practitioners use karate to help develop self-confidence but affirm not to misuse the martial arts.




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